The snow might be bringing most of the UK to standstill but we at Babestation headquarters aren’t going to let a little bit of snow and sub zero temperatures get in the way of utterly filthy weekend. We’re here to serve you naked ladies on a platter and by gum, we’re going to do that by any means necessary!

Babestation Daytime
Friday 1st February
5am-2pm: Mica, Tanya, Daisy, Annie Mae
12pm-8pm: Charlie C
2pm-10pm: Jessie B, Charley Green, Taylor Rose, Tara May
BCTV: Danielle Louise, Tara T

Saturday 2nd February
5am-2pm: Charlie C, Tara T, Jasmine Marie, Mia, Annie Marie
12pm-8pm: Vicki Narni
2pm-10pm: Kira Kady, Simone, Kim J
BCTV: Scarlett Louise, Danielle Louise, Taylor Rose, Lily Lane

Sunday 3rd February
5am-2pm: Tanya, Scarlett Louise, Mia, Lily Lane, Taylor Rose
12pm-8pm: Tara May
2pm-10pm: Simone, Tegan, Kat Dun
BCTV: Kitty King, Frankie Lain, Anna Bailey

Babestation Nightshow
Friday 1st February
Kerri, Ashley, Lori, Priya, Amy Dior, Lilly Roma

Saturday 2nd February
Nicole, Priya, Kerri, Lynda, Sophie, Anna Bailey, Amy Dior

Sunday 3rd February
Valentina, Alice, Lori, Nicole, Beth, Maisie, Annie Mae


BSX Livw

BSX Live

Babestation Cams
Friday 1st February
Lilly Roma spreads her long sexy legs and give you all a tasty treat! 8pm-4am

Lili Roma

Also on Friday…
Jada’s got a filthy mouth and she’s not afraid to use it! 10pm-1am


Saturday 2nd February
Caty Cole gets her cracking curves out for a slutty 1-hour special! 11pm-Midnight

Caty Cole

Also on Saturday…
Jada puts fierce workout regime to good use and shows you how low she can squat…minus panties! 10pm-1am


Sunday 3rd February
Alice Goodwin gets her goodies out! Come and have a taste! 11pm-Midnight

Alice Goodwin

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Have a great weekend folks! XO