We thought these pictures were rather nice considering that Lily Pink is scheduled this week on Babestation…

She does look nice in pink doesn’t she?  Wonder why she chose that name?  Was it because she really likes the colour?  We’ll find out and let you know in time fellas.  Anyway, back to fundamentals.  The pictures you see here are taken from her last photo shoot on the Babestation website.  There are plenty of updates on there of Lily, and I think you’ll find that she gets up to a lot more than what you can see here; or indeed what she’s likely to show you on the telly!

Lily Pink – In the Pink!

Lily has a very cheeky smile that tells you she can be a nit naughty.  Just how naughty she can be I’m not sure, because I’ve never chatted with her on the phone.  I’m sure you lot out there in Babestation viewers land can tell me how good she is on the phone by leaving us a comment below.  Someone once told me that she gives you the impression that she’s a very sweet girl if you are by chance to ever meet her, but once she gets “in the zone” on those Babestation phones, she can be quite the animal!  Sounds interesting…

Lily Pink

There’s nothing more to tell you accept that Lily Pink is scheduled to appear on Babestation tonight around 9pm.  If you like a bit of pink (and don’t we all!) tune in the Babestation and indulge your darker desires for the evening.  And if you want to get your hands on these picture updates and more, including videos, then go to the BabestationTV website and download them.

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