How many of you have always dreamed of getting Lily Pink all dirty?

Do you know what Sploshing is?  For those of you who don’t, Sploshing is a fetish where you get off on the fact that the girl, girls, or couple (or whatever) are covered in stuff like this.  Popular scenarios also include baths full of custard, or whipped cream like you see here.  It doesn’t always have to be food either, it’s widely associated with anything that gets the person involved messy, including mud etc.

Lily Pink massive tits
Sploshing with Lily Pink

Now, I’m not quite sure what possessed Lily Pink to do this to be honest.  She never struck me as the type to have a thing for Sploshing, but it appears I was wrong; you never can tell what makes these girls tick can you?  I have to admit however that those massive tits look fantastic all covered in cream and there’s nothing I’d like to do more than simply dive in there and slip around with her!  I’m sure you all agree of course.  I wouldn’t even have to be hungry!

Lily Pink massive tits
Lily Pink Sploshing with Lori Buckby

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Babestation – Sploshing fun with Lily Pink!