I had the pleasure of chatting with Babestation’s Beth the other night, and it revealed to me just how wonderful some of these girls really are…

Beth is from New Zealand, but she’s been over here for over a year now and she’s getting pretty comfortable on Babestation.  Before she decided to go travelling she studied at University in New Zealand, gaining a BA in Theatre and Media and a BCom in Marketing Management.  This one has brains as well as beauty guys!

Beth is staying in London, but because she’s always working and hasn’t been here too long, she’s actually still enjoying sightseeing among other pursuits.  She confesses to enjoy the whole “London thing” on the open top buses etc.  She loves to travel, but has a particular fondness for London; we’re hoping this may keep her here for some time!

Babestation's Beth
Beth in the Green Room at BabestationTV

Apparently there’s nothing like Babestation in New Zealand, and even if there was there would be no way anyone would go on it because according to Beth the country is so small that her “Uncle would be watching it; it would be hell”.  However, she did manage to do a little dancing in clubs over there whilst she was at University, where it was just as likely for a member of her family to walk in apparently.

Babestation's Beth
Babestation’s Beth

Her previous dancing experience can go some way to explaining her moves on screen, but having met Beth (only briefly) it becomes impossible to explain her natural charisma; I suppose this is something you’ll have to tap into when you call her on the phone.  With a smile like this and a body to match, this 32 DD Babestation stunner looks as though she could quite easily fit as a permanent fixture at the studio, and she’s certainly got the personality to match the looks.

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