Just when you thought it was safe to use the office, Lolly decides to walk in and sprawl herself all over the desk!  The things we have to put up with at work…

I’ve been able to snap a bit of footage here and there of Babestation’s lovely Lolly and her massive tits!  I followed one of the producers up to the office, where I thought he was actually going to proposition out lovely Babestation verteran, but it actually turned out that he was filming her for clips to send out to you lucky lads who text into the show.

Well I thought that you should have a little look at how they’re made and how much Lolly clearly loves doing them.  It doesn’t take her long to get her tiny little shorts off and her big tits out in this video.  Hell, some of you have probably seen the video they were making in this little clip.  Do let us know by leaving a comment if you got this clip sent to your phone and you wanked yourself proud over it!


Lolly has a particular knack of choosing the right type of video to shoot in order to get you going, and she appears to rather partial to Geri in this little clip.  Could you imagine having Lolly bent over in front of your TV at home, begging you to come and fuck her tight little pussy?

Let us know if you’d like more of the behind the scenes stuff.  We love getting as much as we can, but it’s not always easy because we’re usually pretty busy sorting out the babes and organising everything else.  And you try and ask one of the Babestation girls to do you a cheeky little video when they’re on their break!  They don’t get long you know…

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