The age-old battle. The Blondes vs the Brunettes.

I was walking through the halls of Babestation Towers this weekend and noticed that some of the girls who were well-known for being blonde have converted to the dark side! So I bowled up to one of the girls and asked her about the drastic change and to my surprise she said that it made her look more sophisticated.

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Personally I’ve always been a brunette guy but the temptation has always been there to see what all the fuss is about. Blondes apparently are a lot more fun! I’m sure a few of the brunette Babestation girls would put up a solid argument to that statement.

I guess it’s a bit unfair to take the entire female population and put them in to two categories because I’ve come across some unbelievably attractive red heads in my time and they are a whole lot of fun.

So let’s get to the bottom of this. Blondes or brunettes? Lucy Summers or Delia Rose? Dannii Harwood or Alice Goodwin? Pamela Anderson or Yasmine Bleeth?

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While personal preferences for hair color may vary, it is interesting to note the age-old debate between brunettes and blondes. The idea that blondes have more fun has been a long-standing stereotype in society, often perpetuated by media and pop culture. However, it’s essential to recognize that hair color does not determine one’s personality or level of fun.
Beauty standards and societal perceptions often play a significant role in shaping these stereotypes. It is crucial to celebrate diversity and individuality, regardless of hair color or any other physical attribute. Ultimately, what matters most is being true to oneself and embracing one’s unique qualities, whether brunette, blonde, or any other hair color.
It is important to acknowledge that categorizing the entire female population into just two groups may be unfair and overly simplistic. Each individual is unique and cannot be solely defined by their physical appearance or characteristics. It’s worth noting that beauty comes in all forms, and there are stunning individuals across all categories, including redheads. Red hair is often associated with uniqueness and fiery personalities, and it’s not uncommon to find redheads who are not only attractive but also fun-loving and charismatic. This serves as a reminder that true beauty encompasses much more than just external features, highlighting the importance of appreciating people for their individuality and personality traits.


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