Can you believe it’s been a decade since the beautiful Charlie C first joined Babestation? Yup, 10 years ago, a young East London girl with quick wit and a curvy figure strolled into the office to audition as one of our on screen models. The bosses had never seen a such a petite babe with such a big personality, so it’s no surprise that she landed the job then and there.

Charlie didn’t start off light by doing a few daytime shows first, she dived head first into the fast-paced, fun-filled night shows and she loved it! Fans went wild for this buxom beauty and she quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the most popular babes on Babestation, amongst stars such as Tiffany and Dani O’Neal; two girls who remain Charlie’s best friends to this day.

In her free time Charlie loves to party, the more wild the better and she’s always the last one standing. Her drink of choice is a Long Island iced tea followed by vodka shots then on to a drum and bass club. When Charlie isn’t partying or taking calls on Babestation, she likes to work on her famous ass at the gym by doing an insane amount of squats. They have definitely paid off! her ass is INSANE!!! Charlie likes the finer things in life and has worked hard for everything she has, whether that be the latest Range Rover or a sexy pair or Christian Louboutin stilettos.

This stunner is the ultimate Babestation babe and TV legend. We wish you many more happy years in the biz, Charlie! Happy 10th anniversary!!! Tune in to Babestation Daytime Saturday 9th December 11am-8pm and give Charlie a weekend to remember!