I’m sure you avid viewers will remember the stunning Rebecca Jade from back in the day. If that name isn’t ringing any bells, allow to enlighten you. Rebecca Jade, who’s real name is Rebecca Emslie, appeared on Babestation for several years before leaving to have her son and pursue a career a personal trainer. Rebecca recently spoke to welsh news site, Wales Online and revealed just what it’s like to be a ‘Babestation girl’. Here’s what she had to say:

Rebecca, what made you want to get into the world of glamour?
I was working as a sales manager at Communications Direct but I just wanted more out of life. I had always dreamed of becoming a glamour model.

When did you get your first taste of the glamour industry?
I had my boobs enlarged and decided to have a portfolio done to see if I could break into the world of glamour. I started getting booked for various shoots and while I was at one photoshoot the photographer suggested Babestation. At the time I hadn’t seen it, or even heard of it. I looked them up on MySpace and sent them a message, they asked me to send some pictures over. I soon received a reply and I went to London for an interview at the studios. I was then asked back to do a few trial shifts and it just went from there. I left my office job to do it full time.

Was there a lot of competition between you and the other models?
With places on the shows highly-sought-after by the models, you’d expect that there may be fierce competition but that wasn’t the case at all. I got along with many of the girls in and out of work. Me and Savannah Mai were very good friends for years. I am still in contact with a few of the girls via social media, and some of them have also left TV behind. I do miss working with them though; we used to have a laugh.

Were you nervous getting your kit off on live TV?
When you are at the studios it’s so relaxed that you kind of forget that it’s being broadcast on TV. I wasn’t nervous at all and it didn’t really bother me that I was half naked on TV; to me it was a job and I was getting paid well.

How did you deal with people who criticised your chosen career?
I think to be successful in the industry you have to be confident and not let anyone else’s opinions of what you do for a living affect you. People that don’t know you will always judge you. Even close friends can judge you! You just can’t let other people’s negativity get the better of you.

What sort of personality does it take to succeed in this industry?
You have to be able to get along with other models, producers, work hard, be reliable and always look your best. You also need to buy LOADS of new outfits and keep on top of your game.

Were there any downsides to the job?
Just the sheer amount of travel involved to get to and from shifts. A lot of girls will travel from across the country to work a series of nights in succession before heading home again. When I first started working in London I didn’t drive so I would usually get the train from Wales to London. It would take me half the day to get there. I’d arrive in London about 5pm, grab some food and make my way to the studio to get ready and be live on air for 9pm. I’d work until 6am and sometimes travel straight back. It was pretty exhausting, but after a few months I had built up a good fan base and was given more shifts. I decided the best thing to do was to share an apartment with another girl on the show and do a block of 3-4 shifts back-to-back. I would just stay up in London while I was working and then go back to Wales. So what started as a blur of non-stop travelling and exhaustion, ended up being pretty great.

What sort of guys would you get calling in to speak to you?
People assume that all the callers are old pervy men, but we have callers of all ages, from 18 years onwards. They mostly have girlfriends or partners, or are married. Most of the callers are normal, down-to-earth people with good jobs but maybe don’t feel comfortable talking to their partners about their fantasies or fetishes, and that’s why they call the show. But also some people call the show because they are lonely and just like to talk to someone. Over the years you build up a rapport with certain callers that ring often just to chat.

Did you ever encounter any weird of creepy callers?
The girls are offered protection from the seediest of callers who ring in. If the girls weren’t comfortable with a particular caller, they would hang up and that number would be blocked. I never really got any real creeps calling, just overly drunk idiots lol.

Did callers ever ask you to talk about something you weren’t comfortable discussing?
I never did anything I wasn’t comfortable with and I never spoke about things that were classed as a taboo subject. I would tell the caller we couldn’t talk about that, and if they continued to carry on with the subject I’d have the call terminated.

What do most callers ask you?
The callers usually ask to see certain close up shots or angles and the producers are always there to help give the caller what they want, but there are rules in place from Ofcom so we can only work around the guidelines as we wouldn’t want the channel to get fined.

Could you do other glamour work waist you were working for Babestation?
Definitely! I got loads of offers to do other work work outside of Babestation studios. I did stuff for papers, lad mags, online stuff. I also got chosen to be a ring girl for a huge boxing event with a few of the other girls from Babestation. I also had my own members website which I had taken down about a year ago after leaving the industry.

Did you ever consider going further than topless?
When I working for another channel I was asked to do more x-rated stuff but I never went down that path. For me, Babestation TV was my limit in how far I would go – topless only. I never wanted to take things further even if the money was better.

What was the best thing about being a Babestation presenter?
The best aspects of the job for me was obviously the money! I also enjoyed the freedom. It wasn’t a normal 9-5 job 5 days a week, so I could have regular holidays, trips away and I did have a crazy party lifestyle back then. I also made some really great friends in the industry.

What was the worst thing?
There wasn’t really a worst aspect for me, only the getting ready. It would take me so long, usually about two hours to do hair, tan, nails and make-up, and then find the right outfit to match the set.

Did you find it hard to keep your work and private life separate?
Business and personal life was always kept separate. As soon as I was on that bed ready to go live I would be in character of Rebecca Jade. It never affected my personal life; work was work and I’m not like that in real life. That’s why most of us use stage names, so we can keep our Babestation alter ego’s separate from our personal lives.

Did you get invited to lots of parties?
I used to go to lots of the VIP clubs in London with the girls from work like Movida, Embassy, Chinawhites and Vendome. Yes, I had a great time, as we would have VIP guest list entry, a table and free drinks all night, so what’s not to like? But I did feel that in those type of clubs everyone is flash with the cash and they seem to be out to impress one another, which isn’t really my cup of tea.

Did you ever meet any famous people?
I don’t want to go name-dropping but I have been to a few private parties with some famous people. I’ve partied with footballers, boxers, big-name DJs, a well-known music producer/songwriter and people from reality TV.

Did you ever get unwanted attention due to your job?
Yes I would often get unwanted attention, but unfortunately that comes with the nature of the job. It’s one of those things I just learned comes with the territory. Just be you and don’t put up with any shit!

What a closing statement! These days Rebecca is a busy mum and even busier personal trainer. She has also competed in an indoor triathlon for Children in Need and run countless marathons. What an achievement. This babe sure has a lot to be proud of!