Will Charlie keep her tits in today?

Charlie is one of the most popular babes on Daytime at the moment and she loves what she does.  She’s notorious for wearing something that looks as though she might fall out of it at any given moment and personally we think this is what she likes about appearing on Daytime so much these days – the simple risk of it happening.  We’re telling you guys, she must have some kind of glue on those nipples of hers to stop them jumping out of her top on some days!

Charlie C big tits
Charlie C is on Babestation today


  • Summer J
  • Vicki Narni
  • Charlie C


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  • Tori-Lee
  • Cali Garcia
  • Savannah
  • Paige Turnah
  • Ruby Summers
Ruby Summers loves her baby oil

With a line up like this for tonight there really isn’t any point in going out now is there?  Why waste such talent?  We thought we’d share a lovely picture of Ruby Summers with you there, all covered in baby oil.  Why the hell they ever called is baby oil is beyond us.  We by more of this stuff every week than the average mother would by in her entire life!  They should simply call it “sex” oil!

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