In honour of the Coronation, we thought we would write a blog about Babestation’s link to the royals and you might be surprised to find out we are linked a lot more closely than you might think.

Babestation is no stranger to mainstream media attention. The popular live babeshow has been referenced in various TV shows, podcasts, and magazines over the years. Comedians like Frank Skinner and Jimmy Carr have mentioned Babestation in their comedy skits. However, few people know that Babestation’s involvement extended to an Oscar-winning film.

Geoffrey Rush, an A-list actor and Academy Award winner, revealed on the Graham Norton Show back in 2010 that he had heard about a porn parody of his movie, The King’s Speech. The porn parody, titled ‘The King’s Piece,’ was created by Babestation and filmed in the exact London location where the original movie was shot. Rush discussed the parody film in detail and expressed his amusement over it.

The King’s Speech is a British film, based on King George VI’s struggle to overcome his stammer. The movie was highly acclaimed and won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. ‘The King’s Piece’ follows a similar storyline but with a rather kinky twist. The protagonist, named King, is a male porn star who struggles with performing naked on camera.

Michelle Moist and Dani O’Neal

Babestation’s top performers, including Dani O’Neal, Paige Tyler, and Michelle Moist, were cast in the movie. The director of ‘The King’s Piece’ was careful to ensure that the parody film mirrored the original movie’s scenes. He even filmed girl on girl action scenes on the same sofa used in the original movie, with the iconic backdrop where Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth stood.

Check out the original trailer for ‘The King’s Piece’ below:

That sofa sure has seen some action over the years – from British mature porn stars participating in hardcore boy-girl filth to BDSM and girl on girl action. Go and check out the picture galleries and explicit porn videos in the VIP members area to see all the smut that has been filmed over the years.

The King’s Piece gained a lot of media attention and caused quite a stir. Rush’s revelation about the film sparked a debate about the limits of parody and satire. Some people found it distasteful but hey, you can’t please everyone. Others viewed it as a bit of harmless fun.

Regardless of the opinions, the parody film cemented Babestation’s place in pop culture. The King’s Piece wasn’t the only porn parody to have cast a Babenation model as its lead actress. Megan Coxxx,  now known as Marni Moore, once played the role of ‘Kate Fiddleton’ in the Television X Royal wedding parody, ‘A Royal Romp.’ The TV special was aired on the day of the wedding, Friday 29th April, 2011. Megan, who won the Best New Starlet award at the 2011 SHAFTA Awards ceremony, had a privileged background very similar to that of the future Princess Kate Middleton. She had a dressage ring at her parents’ house in Southampton where she hoped to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games as an equestrian. Wow!


Despite her horsey upbringing, Megan chose to pursue a career in the British porn industry where she starred in multiple scenes for Brazzers and Fake Taxi.

In the Television X Royal wedding spoof, Megan rode the huge stud Danny D, who is known to have the biggest cock in the business. Chris Ratcliff, the Head of Programming, said that Television X would air A Royal Romp across the Friday and Saturday of the Royal Wedding bank holiday weekend to ensure that as many people as possible had the chance to watch it. It was the first time they had done this, and they hoped it would be a success. The show was available on all major TV platforms, including Sky, Freeview, and Virgin, as well as on the TVX website.

In other royal news, did you know that babeshow model April Mae recently revealed that she is a distant relative to Princess Diana. More on that topic later!

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