Dani, Dani, Dani!  Come on then if you think you’re hard enough!

In the member’s area of Babestation right now you can watch a very cheeky video of the lovely Dani Levy jumping around in a g-string and a pair of boxing gloves.  Not sure if she’s after a fight or a fuck to be perfectly honest, but she’s certainly got our adrenaline going for one or the other!

Dani Levy video
Dani Levy video

Personally I think that even if she did mean it you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes of those fabulous big tits for second.  I think there would be a lot of hugging in a boxing match with Dani – you know, so you can get your energy back.  And you wouldn’t want one below the belt through fear of snapping something off!

Catch Dani next week on Babestation Academy, where she’ll be showing you a little more, and hopefully not be so intimidating!  Don’t forget you can get two days trial membership of our website for only £1.50

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