Babestation Danni Levy spills the T to a tabloid newspaper about the time a fan tried to marry her. He even went as far as to plan the wedding reception.

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In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, nude cams Danni Levy spills the T about the time a devoted fan of Babestation had planned a wedding to marry her. However, things didn’t quite go according to plan, leaving him annoyed and disappointed. The extravagant gesture involved the delivery of a wedding dress to the Babestation studio, as well as a significant financial investment including a slap up meal and a DJ. Unfortunately for the smitten fan, his dreams were shattered when phone sex operator Danni Levy failed to attend the wedding. Speaking about this bizarre incident, the Essex babe said: 

“I had a caller named Norman and he asked me to marry him but he actually booked a full wedding, the DJ, everything. He sent the dress to Babestation and I thought I would wear it on the show for him. It was a nice long cream dress. We had a nice rapport on the phone and he was a friendly caller.”

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However, deeply infatuated Norman was furious upon discovering that he was unable to wed the woman he had always longed for. Following this disappointment, he contacted Babestation presenter Vicky Narni to express his grievances. Danni recalled: 

“Vicky is a good friend of mine and he was like ‘why didn’t Danni show up, she left me and I was on my own’ and Vicky was like ‘what?’ Anyway, that was Norman. He probably spent around £5,000 on the wedding. Every now and then he calls up Vicky and shouts to her about me and she calms him down. I mean I never said I was going to marry him.”

Yeah, we don’t think that’s on you, Danni. The nude models on Babestation have seen their fair share of infatuated fans over the years, but this story is definitely up there as one of the more bizarre. Despite disappointing poor old Norman, Danni was recently recognised by her fans after being named the Best Babe Channel Model of the Year. Speaking about receiving her award, Danni said:

“It was lovely. I’ve been here for 11 years now and fans took time out of their day to vote and I am just so grateful.”

Danni Levy is popular on babestation daytime, known for her huge tits and witty banter during cheap phone sex. She admits she often gets spotted while out in public, recalling a time when she took her nephew to a martial arts class and had one of the dads come up and ask for an autograph. Awkward. She added: 

“One guy also chased me up the street once. It scared me a little bit and he was like ‘you’re Danni, you’re Danni’ and I was like ‘no I’m not’ and he was like ‘I know you are because of your tattoo’ I always know when someone recognises me.”

Yikes! Regardless of her numerous wacky encounters, Danni said she “won’t ever stop” stripping off on live sex cams. She love it too much. Danni likes to keep things naughty but doesn’t plan on starring in british porn anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean this sexy PAWG doesn’t get wild on cam. Take her private for C2C nude fun and you’ll see why she is a top Babestation babe.

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