It’s always a pleasure to give you good news, and it doesn’t get much better than Dionne Mendez…

Firstly, please don’t forget the Unleashed show tonight at 10pm featuring Samantha Bentley and Dean Van Damme, it’s sure to be fucking awesome.  You can watch it on Babestation if you’re a member, or you can basically choose which of our sites to sign up with and take on a two day trial for £1.50 if you like.  Remember you get two days access to the website as well as the live shows!

Dionne Mendez seems to have had everything written about her that you could possibly write for a porn/glamour star of her standard.  She has indeed reached that heady height of Babeshow stardom and is now a household name.  I wouldn’t even guess the amount of fans she has out there considering how long she’s been in the industry.  But still it has the same affect on us here at the studio to know that she’s coming in.  She’s like Royalty around here and we fucking love it.

Dionne Mendez
Dionne Mendez – the legend – returns to Babestation X on Saturday

We know she does too, and since Babestation X has started to broadcast again online, Dionne has expressed a keen interest in performing again.  She was a little worried, like many of us, that our harder channel wouldn’t be back to do the business on a Friday and Saturday night like it always has.

Dionne will be on the Saturday night live show.  We have yet to confirm who we’ve got for the Friday night show, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can…

Babestation – Proud to know Dionne Mendez!