Here’s a blog post originally shared in 2014 by @Babe_TV on their now defunct Tumblr account. This blog chronicles the early days of Partyland and provides dates and descriptions of pivotal moments throughout the channel’s history. 

4th September 2009: Following a series of babe swaps, Partyland seamlessly integrates with Babestation and relocates to the babestation daytime studios. At first, attempts are made to replicate the primary Partyland bed set, complete with a hanging curtain backdrop. The previous graphics are essentially preserved but undergo a transformation to align with the distinctive Babestation style. During the transitional phase, the old Partyland wall sign is visible for a few nights. The first show after the move is featured Caty Cole on the left and Rachel Cole on the split screen.

10th September 2009: Flo makes history as the first nude model to grace both the Babestation and Partyland Freeview shows on the same night, setting the stage for this to become a regular practice going forward.

11th September 2009: The traditional hanging curtain backdrop of Old Partyland disappears, and the show shifts to being filmed against a simple mid-blue background. The specific area within the studio where these broadcasts were recorded remains uncertain, with the location potentially varying, as some episodes convey a tight space, while others seem to be shot through glass. Additionally, the picture quality can be notably unsharp. Alex Adams and Jada hosted the show on this particular night and were framed by a plain blue backdrop on Kelly Carter was the babe on the bed taking phone sex calls.

Georgie Darby Partland topless phone sex

17th September 2009: the morning showcases Dionne Mendez making her debut on Channel 50 and portrays what seemed to be a relatively confined arrangement. Subtle reflections between the camera and the girls suggest the possibility that the camera was positioned on the opposite side of a window, peering into a limited space.

18th September 2009: Partyland stands out as the sole night show on Babestation to maintain a dedicated on-screen sexting display box, as BS1, BS2, and Party Girls all removed their text boxes. On this particular night, there is a unique shift into a room distinctly different from the typical babeshow setting. This room features a red sofa, an orange wall adorned with maps, and gives the impression of a waiting room. Megan hosted the show on this night.

30th September 2009: As part of the Freeview channel adjustments of relocating adult content to higher channel numbers, Partyland transitions from Channel 50 to Channel 97. Physically, Partyland moves onto the former Babestation 2 set, positioned right next to the previous main Party People night show couch. With this relocation, Partyland gains access to the Party People couch for presenting and text chat – a noteworthy development, given that Partyland is now the sole remaining text show. The displaced Babestation 2 finds a new location upstairs in the former 3G lounge alongside Babestation 1. 

2nd October 2009: Rosie Lee’s first night on the babeshows offering cheap phone sex. Introduced on her debut by original Partyland girls Karina Currie and Caty Cole, she quickly became one of the prominent faces after Babestation adopted Partyland. Early Partyland picture download slideshows underwent a swift transformation by Babestation, transitioning from the original black Sexstation version to a mid-blue Babestation version. The earliest Partyland picture promotion featured Kandi Kay. Since the Babestation girls were not featured on Partyland until just before the studio move, black slides promoting BS girls (as opposed to Sexstation/Partyland girls) are relatively uncommon. Geri’s black slide was a particularly rare occurrence. Babestation’s blue promos, implemented around the end of September ’09, were not specific to individual babes and rapidly scrolled through various girls’ photos. Dani O’Neal’s picture is part of one of these early October ’09 multi-babe scrolls. However, this approach was soon modified to a babe-specific version, resembling the original Sexstation black promos but in blue. The shortcode for ordering pics was also altered, as evident in an example with Yvette Merriman. 

Partyland priya ass to camera

27th October 2009: Upon the conclusion of a substantial downsizing of all Babestation night shows, the Partyland set relocates upstairs, joining Babestation 2 and Babestation 1 in a sequential arrangement (from left to right in viewing terms, 1, 2, then PL). The new Partyland set finds itself opposite the room housing Babestation Xtra. Partyland essentially maintains this new location until it is succeeded by Glamourchase in November 2010.

At this stage, Partyland undergoes changes, losing its text display feature as the recently launched Babestation Xtra takes over as Babestation’s text chat show. The graphics block of Partyland is streamlined, retaining only the essential telephone numbers (landline, mobile, and credit card). Occasionally, producers introduce a 3G promo box, and sometimes a text-filled video inset. The shift to this new phase is depicted in the archived images featuring Michelle Moist. Many years later, Michelle Moist went on to be a regular performer on bsx live.

18th November 2009: The Partyland graphics block undergoes a makeover, with the text stretching vertically to restore its original height from before the ‘collapsing,’ complemented by the introduction of a blue background. Beyond these adjustments, there are no substantial changes. The primary graphics block continues to exclusively display telephone numbers, retaining the distinctive Cellcast font styling. One of the broadcasts featuring the collapsed graphics is archived in the Babestation gallery and features Paige Tyler, who progressively becomes the face of Partyland during its Babestation era.

26th January 2010: Partyland’s broadcast on Channel 97 is mirrored on Channel 99 during its regular Freeview airing from 1am-5.30am. In addition, Partyland gets an extra hour on Channel 99, running from midnight to 1 am, a unique feature not found on other Freeview channels. This midnight hour, not bound by Channel 97’s softer content restrictions, allows for the display of more explicit visuals. Archived images offer a rare glimpse into Partyland’s exclusive midnight hour on Channel 99, distinguished by its distinct red graphics. These pictures capture scenes from the only two Partyland episodes ever aired on Channel 99. Memorable moments from day one’s hour (26/1/10) feature Sammi J and Karina Currie (who is still to this day a popular british porn) while day two’s hour (27/1/10) was a 2-for-1 session featuring Paige Tyler and Dionne Mendez. 

28th January 2010: After just two days, the Channel 99 broadcasts stop, but Channel 95 gets an hour of Partyland between midnight and 1am – a time not used by any other Freeview channel. Like the Channel 99 hour, the visuals are stronger than on Channel 97, allowing the girls to undress completely, albeit not hard compared with today’s nude cams standards. 

An archived picture shows Candy Sexton with Ree Petra, marking Ree’s first appearance on the Cellcast Freeview shows after moving from Bang Babes on the night of February 9th 2010. Ree Petra later went on to feature on studio66. The graphics were the same as those used on Babestation 2, and although the transmission was listed as Babestation 2 on the EPG, it was introduced as Partyland by the presenters. It carried Partyland’s 69069 mobile number and retained Partyland’s distinctive background music. The main landline number was different from the ones used on either BS2 or Partyland’s regular Freeview broadcasts.

partyland karina currie ass to camera

11th February 2010: The midnight hour of Partyland on Channel 95 is replaced with Babestation 2 footage, eliminating the ‘harder’ version of Partyland on Freeview. The program is now exclusively on its restricted Channel 97 in the terrestrial domain. Partyland faced challenges in establishing an identity once it became ‘just another Babestation show.’ It lost its exclusive babes, text chat interest, and on Freeview, it operated under a more restrictive license compared to other BS channels. This made it difficult to compete for an audience against the visually sexual content of BS1, BS2, and now BS Xtra, which was transitioning into a major adult phone chat show. In winter 2010,

27th February 2010: The tiny graphics block with the old-school font gets replaced by a new design featuring larger numbers, nearly double in size. This design persists until the show is replaced in November 2010.

4th November 2010: Partyland disappears from Freeview, likely because one of the new TVX Freeview shows secures the available transmission share slot.

12th November 2010: Partyland makes a comeback on Freeview but with a reduced broadcast time, starting at 3am instead of 1am. Tiffany Chambers is featured in a later-phase Partyland show. Tiffany played a key role in the ‘Babestationisation’ of Partyland in August 2009. Afterward, she departed from the Cellcast channels entirely, only making a return in late January 2010 where she performed on live sex cams. Lots of nostalgic Tiffany Chambers content can still be found in the Babestation VIP gallery.

23rd November 2010: Partyland wraps up with its final broadcast, hosted by Dani O’Neal. Right after Partyland, Glamourchase takes over. In 2011, Babestation Blue replaces Glamourchase and continues to air. Freeview Channel 175, currently featuring BS Blue, can be traced back to the original Channel 50. Channel 50 introduced Partyland as the first fully adult/topless babeshow with a permanent slot on Freeview in March 2009. Notably, the ‘Blue’ in BS Blue’s title has its roots in the early days after Partyland joined Babestation in September 2009, originally as a color code and continuing as the essence of “Babestation Blue.”