It’s Saturday night already!  Where does the time go?

Freeview 174 or the Babestation X website for tonight’s live show!

Dionne Mendez is featuring tonight on the Babestation X live show, and because it’s going to be so hot today, we figured you could cool off a little by looking at this picture.  It’s a nice snowy scene – not exactly seasonal, but we don’t give a flying fuck.  It’s got Dionne in it, and she has her tits out; what more could you want?

Dionne Mendez on Babestation X tonight
Dionne Mendez on Babestation X tonight

When you want big tits, you want Dionne Mendez; she is the epitome of big tits and she’s one of our Babestation veterans too.  We’re so glad she’s still doing the Babestation X shows, it would be a shame not to have her when she’s so bloody good at it right?  We’re keen to hear what you think of Dionne on the show, so if you’ve had any favourite moments with this Babestation All-Star please share them with us in the comments box; we love to hear from you, even if you’re having a good old moan about it!

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