We’d like to address a comment we had a while ago regarding our Academy show.  You guys are very important to us and we like to at least “try” to keep you happy.  It’s easy to just brush these things off and carry on, but we value our regular callers and owe you our time.

Some of you may have been confused why we write things the way we do on the blog.  First and foremost, although we try to keep you up to date with “juicy” info and/or gossip from the show and behind the scenes etc, we’re advertising what’s on, and selling our “brand”.  It’s also not at all always easy to beat what you already know via the forums and other message boards, and actually tell you something you don’t know.  Hell, some of you callers out there know more than we do about our own girls!  What the fuck?  I suppose you talk to them more than we do…

Anyway, back on topic.  When we sometimes put a girl on the Academy show, who hasn’t necessarily “risen through the ranks” it’s not to piss anyone off, or anything like that.  We do this occasionally because one of our girls has perhaps left and wants to come back again, or they need to (for various reasons) do a different shift pattern etc.  We try our very best to place the girls where they should be, and we don’t want to detract from the whole idea of Babestation Academy, but sometimes in order to keep our girls happy and to keep their fans happy, they do end up on Academy.  We’d rather do this than lose them, as I’m sure you’d agree!

It has never been our intention to mislead, so in future we (…well, I) will be more careful when wording the information on the blog, so you don’t get the idea that these girls who have been slotted onto the Babestation Academy show, to accommodate various needs, have worked their way through the ranks and been promoted.

Babestation Academy
Daisy Dash

We take our Babestation Academy very seriously indeed, and we thank you all for your support for these girls.  It’s an excellent place for the Babestation recruits to learn their craft and meet some of you regular callers; and we’re delighted that you are so passionate about their progress.  Babestation Academy is an excellent place for new babes to showcase their talent and build their own “brand”, without the pressure of competing with some of the veterans; this gives them an achievable goal to attain and they’re very happy to do this.  When we feel that these girls are doing well and are indeed “ready” to take on the other slots on Babestation we ‘filter’ them into the main schedule, rather than literally graduate them.  I’m sure you’ve seen this happening with babes like Dani, Kimberly and Paris?

I do hope you all continue to watch Babestation Academy.  Please feel free to post any comments in the box below, and we’re sorry it so long to address this issue; I am very aware that a comment was posted about a week ago.

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