A dude has shared his bizarre story that saw him being rushed to hospital with a wooden block around his cock. Ouch!

Erik woke up one morning with the raging horn so he decided to do a bit of roleplay with his wife Katie. We’re not talking doctors and nurses here. This dude wanted to take on the role of a porno inspired handyman so he drilled a hole in one of the internal doors that was due to be replaced so he could pop his knob through the hole.

Erik appeared on TLC’s show ‘Sex sent me to the ER’ where Erik told camera crew: “At that time I thought it was genius, Katie loves it when I’m really goofy.” Erik popped a couple of Viagra pills and the  couple started having sex through the hole in the door. It was all fun and games until Erik’s dick started to chafe. However when Erik tried to pull his dick out of the hole in the door he realised he was stuck. The Viagra had made Erik’s knob so rock solid that it was wedged in the small hole.

Katie thought that if the pair could finish the deed, Erik’s hard on would go down and he would be free. However, Erik couldn’t continue as the pain was becoming more excruciating with every thrust so the couple had to seek the help of the emergency services.

Eventually the ambulance crew arrived and told Erik that due to the Viagra, his penis would continue to grow within the door knob. They were concerned that if they left it any longer Erik could risk losing his penis so the crew cut out a section of the door so they could transport Erik to hospital.

Erik recalled:

The paramedics had to cut a picture frame out of the door to pull my penis out along with the frame of the door.

At the hospital a doctor managed to cut Erik’s knob free and although he was a bit battered and bruised, there was no lasting damage to his penis. It gives a whole new meaning to the scene “Where’s Johnny”, doesn’t it?!

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