Along with your schedule for the day and night we thought we’d give you a little insight into the lovely Elicia Solis and let you know that there’s a great video of her in the member’s area right now!

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Back to Elicia…  Most of you will already know that this gorgeous half English, half Spanish beauty was formely of the Metropolitan Police of course, but did you know that you’re as likely to find Elicia’s head buried in a book as you are in the lap of one of her Babestation friends?  That’s right, the lovely Elicia is a self professed geek so we’re told and loves to curl up on the sofa after a day at the studio with a good book.  We’d be very interested in knowing just what it is you’re reading these days Elicia – It’s not that 50 Shades crap though is it?  Surely not!

Elicia Solis
Elicia Solis in the shower

And if you want to see a little more (well… a lot more) of Elicia then our member’s area is the place to be.  We have lots of video footage of this Babestation goddess on there, and some of it is hardcore porn…

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