Hi all,

So let me start by introducing myself; my name is Reede Fox and I am former Babestation girl. I worked on the channel from 2008 until about 2011 and I’ve got to say, they were three of the craziest and most memorable years of my life. I had previously worked at Bang Babes and Hotel Voyeur so I was no stranger to topless TV but Babestation was different in the way that they created a warm, party-like atmosphere for the girls. It never felt like work!

Reede Fox


It was quite intimidating walking into the studio on that first shift; some of the girls were Babe TV icons and I wasn’t sure how they would react to a newcomer but they were so welcoming. My good friend Camilla Jayne had started a few weeks previous so we were in the same boat as being ‘the newbies’ so we would often go shopping for sexy outfits to wear on the show together or grab a cocktail (or two) before work.

After a few years appearing on Babestation’s Sky and Freeview channels I decided to take the plunge and start shooting girl/girl content for their encrypted channel. I had always had a thing for girls anyway so I figured why not! I had so much fun!


After three awesome years of appearing on the show I felt like my energy levels were waning and it was just time for a change. I made the decision to wave goodbye to the glamour industry and leave the hectic urban jungle that is London and move to rural Herefordshire. Which brings me up to date; I am now a writer and after finding out that Babestation were in need of some regular blogs, I jumped at the chance.

Here I will be keeping you updated on upcoming shows, webcam specials, new girls and loads more. I will also be introducing you to our lesser known channels including Live Sex Latinas, Hot & Wet Hispanic babes and Foxxx babes; featuring stunning girls from all over the world.


Pictured: Niki Skye, Foxxx Babes

Who could be better at giving you the inside scoop on Babestation than a former babe channel girl?!

Catch you all soon!!!

Reede xxx