Jenna is one of those girls who you can’t stop looking at…

You know the ones you see in the street and you end up gawking at them like some retarded fool?  Jenna is quite used to it however, and that’s why she’s scheduled to appear on tonight’s show; she just loves being looked at.  That’s what Babestation is about after all.  Our girls wouldn’t do it if they didn’t want ogling would they?


This picture of Babestation Jenna is something that always makes me think about ex girlfriends.  Not that I’ve ever had one this good looking of course!  You know those poses you catch them in sometimes, that make you think, my God!  I am so lucky!  Jenna is an expert at these poses as you can see, and she has the perfect “girl next door” look that just makes you want to take her home to show your mum as well as fuck senseless all night long, every night of the week.  Personally, if I had a Babestation girl like Jenna as my girlfriend I’d be out quite a lot showing off, wouldn’t you?

So check her out tonight on BabestationTV – Where the babes just keep getting better and better!