Hope you enjoy yourself tonight on the Babestation X live porn show, we know that Samantha Bentley and Ava Dalush will!

It doesn’t stop for a breather this porn business though, it’s off again on Saturday, where you’ll find another couple of babes ready to get it on just for you (and themselves of course; one thing our girls love is fucking each other!)  Saturday on Freeview Channel 174 or the Babestation X website you’ll find Ella Pearl and Karlie Simon!

These two are legends in the live sex show business, usually seen flaunting their talents on SexstationTV on a daily basis.  Well on Saturday that progresses to much more.  Now BabestationX has got hold of them, who knows what the two of them will get up to.  They do spend a lot of time together in the studios you know!  One thing you will be guaranteed on a sex show like this, with these two in particular, is that they will almost certainly show you what’s between their legs and get stuck in!  Make no mistake about it!  That’s got to put a smile on anyone’s face!


So after a weekend like this I’d be surprised if you could make it to work on Monday morning to be honest!  Let us know what you like about the Babestation X weekend, and tell us who you’d like to see next.  We aim to please and our girls love to tease, as the saying goes.

Babestation X – Putting the X in Saturday nights