Friday looks as though it’s shaping up to be quite an exciting show all round.  If I could only get my hands on these two I’d be a very happy man…

Lacey Lorenzo and Aneesha (formerly of Masti Chat) are going to be spending the night together on the BabestationX live show, and you could be part of it.  You should all know the details by now – get interactive with the girls on Freeview channel 174 or visit them live on the BabestationX website.  It’s going to be one of those nights where anything can happen; pretty much like any night on the extreme show then!

Lacey Lorenzo – BabestationX

Lacey Lorenzo is one of those girls who entered the adult industry with a bang, and continues to bang her way through it unforgivingly chewing up and spitting out her counterparts as she goes.  Let’s see what she can do with Aneesha on Friday.  Aneesha has taken enough of your calls on Masti Chat to know what sort of things turn you on, and she has a body that can be used to manipulate people in to do pretty much anything she wants.  Wouldn’t you do anything for a piece of this?  I know I would.

Aneesha – live porn show

So it’s something a little different on Friday’s BabestationX, and it’s something exotic and exciting.  When you get two babes of this class coming together (no pun intended there), then there simply has to be fireworks.  This is what online live porn shows are all about guys, and this is why you need to keep it with BabestationX.

BabestationX – Bringing you live porn to keep you up all night!