Of course, we’re all about choices at Babestation, and there’s nothing like having a few old favourites to entertain you is there?

Tonight – Friday 11th April – at 10 pm on Babestation cams there is a very exclusive show indeed.  The one and only Lolly Badcock and Tiffany Chambers will be performing a joint webcam show!

We all know these Babestation award winners of course.  If you haven’t heard the names Lolly Badcock or Tiffany Chambers at least once over the last few years then you are clearly a twat and shouldn’t even be on this blog.  These girls are classic Babestation beauties that have been with us a long time and demand respect!

live webcam show
Tiffany Chambers – Babestationcams

We’re not sure what provoked the two of them to do a joint webcam show, but we know they’re close friends.  Who knows what things get discussed when the girls are along together sipping bottles of expensive champagne in the top spots of London town.  They could probably topple governments if they put their minds to it.  Lolly Badcock and Tiffany Chambers have a dangerous amount of influence on the male population of the UK!

webcam show
Lolly Badcock – Babestationcams

So tune in at 10 pm and see what all the fuss is about.  Babestation cams is free to join and you can chat with a variety of girls for free – new registrations even get $10 free to try out the service.  If you want to take on Lolly and Tiffany then you’ll have to join their show; not sure how much it’ll cost you in the end, but I suppose it’s as long as you can last when you see the two of them getting dirty!  You’ll more than likely be able to chat with them a little for free however.  Get there early and reserve your seat.  If you get done and dusted early you’ll still be able to make the Babestation X live show!

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