It’s going to be one of those weekends boys…

You know the ones I’m talking about right.  Trousers at your ankles in front of the TV or PC waiting for the Babestation girls to give it to you hard.  This Friday they’ve got none other than the delightful Lacey Lorenzo and Alyssa Divine.  These two have been firm favourites on Babestation X for a long time now and we have it on good authority that they mean business tonight.  So if you’re up to the two of them all you need to do is go to Freeview channel 174 and press the red button, or watch them live on the Babestation X website; simples!

Alyssa Devine on Babestation Extreme

Lacey and Alyssa are sure to do it for you, but if you’ve got the stamina for another night of full on hardcore girl action you might be interested to know that Samantha Bentley and the very busy Xena.  These two are sex machines let me tell you.  We’ve seen them in action on a number of occasions, but never together.  Samantha Bentley is also a 2013 AVN winner no less; so you’re pretty much guaranteed a good night.

Samantha Bentley on Babestation Extreme

That’s how the weekend looks so far gentlemen.  Let us know if you enjoy the shows.  This is important because it helps us judge whether or not to use the same girls again, or perhaps put them in a different duo etc.  We’d also like you to tell us if there’s anyone in particular you’d like to see doing Babestation X that we might not have thought about (this is unlikely, but you never know, there are a lot of potential Babestation girls out there).

Enjoy the show – Freeview channel 174 (press red) or watch live on Babestation X website.


  1. Oh my god! Samantha Bentley is my fav pornstar in the UK. She is so amazing! To me, she’s the sexiest woman in porn.

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