Babe Of The Month is kicking off 2021 strong with this month’s winner, Gracie Gomez.

She can be found mostly on the day time show, where, if you call her you can have either a regular, (but no less enjoyable) conversation.  Then, if you find yourself overcome with desire you have the option to take her for a private one-to-one cam show where she’ll strip naked just for you and give you the ultimate personal experience.

Just recently Gracie Gomez made the foray onto the night time show where she was able to let loose and give her viewers a filthy nude show live on TV, before again taking her talents over to the webcam for all those with a webcam account who want some hot pussy play action, that just can’t be seen on TV!  I spoke with Gracie behind the scenes in the Babestation studio for her BOTM interview:

Babestation: Gracie, you’re the first Babe Of The Month for 2021, congrats!
Gracie Gomez: Thanks, this is such a surprise!

BS: What’s your favourite movie?
GG: Wolf Of Wall Street.

BS: What are your favourite types of calls to get on the shows?
GG: I haven’t really got a favourite type.  I get such a variety but it means I get to know all different types of people.  Whether it’s day show chat or sex chat, every day is different.

Babestation: Which celebrity would you rate a perfect 10?
Gracie Gomez: Margot Robbie…sticking with the Wolf Of Wall Street thing there!

BS: How long have you worked at Babestation?
GG: On and Off for about a year before I left  and now i’m back, almost a year again.  I’ve been in the industry for five years.

Babestation: What’s your greatest fear?
Gracie Gomez: Being sold as a sex slave…or being kidnapped.

BS:  Wow! Yeah that’s a bad one!  Erm, ok  and finally, what’s your parting comment for all you fans?
GG:  Please don’t kidnap me or sell me into sex slavery… hahahaha, just thank you for calling me and and enjoying my shows.  Love you all!