Nicole Snow is the half-English, half-Thai babe who’s naughty naked night shows are guaranteed to pop with curvaceous sexual energy and her trademark Northern charm.
With the first six to seven years of her life spent in Thailand, life was a lot different for Nicole before relocating to sunny Leeds:

“Coming over to the U.K was hard at first, a bit of a culture shock.  It wasn’t until around when I went to college that I properly felt settled.  I’d made some new friends and I started working a job as a bartender so I was socialising a lot more.”

Turns out for Nicole Snow, bartending and working on the Babestation night time live babeshows have a few important differences:

“Bartending was fun at the time but I wouldn’t want to go back to it.  It was very fast, very busy.  I had to deal with a lot of people but they all wanted serving all at once so it got really hectic.  I much prefer the pace of the night shows.  I can talk to the guys individually and we can go at our own pace.  I can get naked and tease, talk sex, really get into every call and have fun with it.”

It’s been over 5 years since Nicole Snow first started giving the filthiest xxx adult phone chat on those Babestation TV phonesex lines.  And as the babe channels have developed to incorporate a lot of Pervcam at the same time as TV, Nicole’s experience and excitement for teasing pussy play shows, feet tease shows and blow job fantasy shows has gone from strength to strength:

“I was doing webcam to begin with, doing solo porn style shows and shooting my own glamour and topless pics and video content for Twitter and Instagram in my bedroom so I was already used to doing nude shows.  Then I randomly applied to one of the other channels not knowing that Babestation was the best one but after a little while Babestation asked me to come and work for them and I’ve been here ever since.”

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