If you fancy chatting to a stunning buxom blonde, they don’t come much hotter than the curvaceous Anna G Rose. This babe has been appearing on Babestation Cams for just under a year but she likes to fly just under the radar, which could be why I’ve only just learned about her. She is a dark horse and likes to get extremely kinky with her fans on webcam. She may look like butter wouldn’t melt but she’s a sexual dynamo with an appetite for domination.

I interviewed Anna to find out what makes her tick and here’s what she had to say:

What is your experience of working in the glamour industry?
I have had some glamour modeling photo shoots in the past and have been organising private naughty fetish parties around Europe for the past few years. I started webcamming about 3 years ago and I can’t get enough. I just love it!

Whats your favourite sexual position?
I like any position as long as the sex is rough

What has been your most memorable moment whilst working/performing?
Things tend to get hot and kinky most of the time but I will never forget the time I had a lovely gentleman chatting to me all night long and lets just say, I made sure he’d never forget me. I am his biggest addiction.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve had sex?
I love having sex in many public places

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
I’d like to make more of my own sex videos and also have sex in a lift. Also, to attend more kinky parties.

Food/Drink and Sex – what’s your favourite combination?
Champagne and power

Do you like to roleplay?
I am naturally a very dominant lady and whenever I roleplay it usually involves me being in power

Do you have tattoos?
Nope, I love my skin soft and beautiful.

Do you have any areas of expertise?
I like to tie people up and indulge in a bit of soft domination. It drives men wild!

Do you have any unusual hobbies?
You may not think it but I’m really good at kickboxing and belly dancing

Do you have a favourite fetish?
Anything that involves PVC or latex outfits

What do you look for in a man?
Good manners, generosity and an open mind

Describe your best features?
I have good energy, nice eyes and I’m very open minded

What did I tell you. Dark horse right? If you want to have a filthy webcam session with this naughty minx, head over to her Babestation Cams page and book a show https://babestationcams.com/performers/page/1/Anna_G_Rose/my-private-pics

In other news, Rampant Cams have now been added to Babestation’s sister site Sexstation TV so check it out if you know whats good for you http://www.sexstationtv.com/


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