UPDATE – You can now send emojis to Sky 906, 908 and 909!

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to see our epic new service then let me enlighten you. Babestation Emojis have arrived! Hold on to your boners boys shit is about to get hella exciting.

Whether you like it or not, emojis are absolutely everywhere; in fact, I’ve seen people have full blown text conversations entirely in emojis. It was both bizarre and impressive. While I still like to use actual words when I text there are times when a well placed emoji can convey way more than a single word ever could.

That’s why we came up with the idea that will allow you guys to interact with your favourite babes in more ways than you ever thought possible, by sending babestation emojis of your choosing direct to the girl on screen. Cool right? The girls can see the babestation emojis in the studio and react to them, hence reacting to you.

How to get babestation emojis


Here’s how to get on board:


1. Simply go to https://babecall.tv/ and sign up. This can be done on your desktop but you’ll find you get a much better experience from your mobile.

2. All you have to do is register on https://babecall.tv/ and verify your mobile number. Simples!

3. Press the emoji on the bottom right of your screen on the “watch/call” page and you’ll see all the emojis at your disposal!

At the moment it’s only on sky channel 909 (lads lounge during the day and meet the babes at night), but will be available on all sky channels very soon. Right now the service is completely free of charge so take advantage while you can. Plus what kind of mentalist would say no to a freebie?! Not I!

You can call the show for just £1 a minute on babecall.tv so it’s well worth a signup!

Also, if while perusing https://babecall.tv/ you fancy something a little more raunchy than what our girls are offering, log in to Perv Cam which will take you to the girls hidden camera which will give you a much filthier view. Thank me later!