There is another promotion on the cards here at Babestation fellas.  The very lovely Jessika Jinx, formerly of Babestation Daytime is trialling on nights TONIGHT!

So if you’ve ever seen this babe and/or chatted with her on the phone and wondered what it would be like to get a little more dirty with her now’s your chance.

“She’s a seductress waiting to let loose”

Babestation Jessika

Imagine asking her to get those lovely titties out boys!  We’ve all been looking forward to having her on nights ever since she joined the Daytime team ages ago.  Some girls are just destined for the night time show and we think she’ll do just fine.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking to her on the phones you’ll know that she is a seductress just waiting to let loose.  It’s as frustrating as fuck chatting to the Daytime girls when all you want is them to talk filthy and get their tits out!

Free Babestation pic

We managed to catch up with Jessica Jinx at the studio earlier doing her warm ups!  She told us:

I can’t wait to get really filthy on the phone, it’s something I know I’m good at because I already do it on occasion.  I can handle the late nights, I’m only young, and I’m looking forward to working with a really good production team.

Well if that isn’t going to secure her a permanent place on Babestation nights then I don’t know what will.  Oh yes, I know what else will do it… calls, and lots of them.  So there you go guys, get supporting Jessika Jinx tonight on her début Babestation nights appearance.

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Over to you

Are there any other Daytime girls you’d like us to work on?  We’re sure there are a few that are considering the night show, we just need to tutor them in the ways of righteousness!

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