A look inside of the mind of Babestations Lori Buckby….I get to listen to a lot of guys fantasies every day and if there’s one thing which stands out the most, it’s …. Actually, I’m not going to spoil it, I’m going to give it to you the same way I gave it to my boyfriend. He loves surprises and I know you are going to be just as excited as he was when you hear what I gave him.

There’s something about asses that guys love, that’s why I like to keep mine totally hairless and really smooth. My boyfriend loves to feel my butt cheeks and lick all around my hole before we have sex. It’s like an obsession but I don’t mind as he often adds a few spanks to the mix. He likes me to bend over his knee so that he can run his hands and tongue over both cheeks before giving each one a few playful spanks. Sometimes he even sticks his finger in both my holes just to check and see how wet I am. If I’m not excited enough, he likes to spank me some more.

Then comes the inspection, where I have to bend over in front of him, so he can inspect the whole area to make sure there isn’t a hair in sight and that it’s smooth all over. When he is happy, he grabs my hair from behind and then sticks his cock into my pussy to make sure it’s nice. He spreads my legs as far as they’ll go and fucks me good and hard to make his cock really nice and wet before slipping it in-between my butt cheeks and then forcing his way into my ass.

It doesn’t normally take long for him to come and afterwards he likes to watch the spunk drip out of me and mix with the come from my pussy. He spends ages staring at my ass, watching the juices mingle, see both holes clenching and throbbing with pleasure. Sometimes he can’t help but start to play with himself and then shoot another load onto my ass to mix with all the juices already there.

I asked him once if he’d ever thought about what it might be like feeling a cock up his arse and although he said he’d never thought about it, I knew the idea turned him on as his cock went hard in an instant. But, being a guy I figured he be the last one to admit the idea turned him on, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

We often used a blindfold during our sex games and one of his recent favourites was for him to be blindfolded while I covered his cock in various things before I gave him a blowjob. Sometimes it was whipped cream, other times I’d employ a bit of CBT using cock-rings and rope. He loved it all as long as he was able to shoot his load at the end, preferably in my pussy.

I started teasing him about how he’d love to feel a real cock in his ass and every time I mentioned it, he got harder and seemed to shoot his load even more quickly. I was telling one of the other models at work about my latest bedroom game and she suggested I give him a treat and that she knew just the person to help out with the surprise. Her boyfriend was a porn actor and would be more than willing to oblige if I did her a favour in return. It sounded like an excellent idea, so we started making plans.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous when the day arrived and think my boyfriend was a bit suspicious as I’d turned down a morning shag. I told him that I wanted to have a full-on session that evening so was saving myself and instructed him not to have any sneaky wanks either as I wanted him absolutely gagging and aching for it by the evening.

I checked in with my friend and made the final arrangements for the evening and set about getting things ready. Once I’d double checked everything was in place, I shut the bedroom door and waited for my boyfriend to return. I was half-way through my second rather large glass of wine when he arrived. I sent him straight to the bathroom to shower and told him not to bother putting any clothes back on afterwards.

While he was in the shower I let my friend and her boyfriend in and showed them into the bedroom and told them to keep very quiet. As soon as he came out of the bathroom, I noticed he already have a semi rigid cock and told him to relax and have a drink before we went into the bedroom to play. He looked a bit nervous as I picked up the blind fold and a pair of handcuffs and nearly shot his load when he saw the rope.

I told him not to worry as he knew deep down he was really going to enjoy it and after putting on the blindfold and the handcuffs, I led him into the bedroom. Everything was set and when I saw what he was in store for, I actually felt rather jealous. I led him to the foot of the bed and made him face away from the bed before making him spread his legs wide and then bound each one to a corner of the bed. Then I forced him to bend over so his pert ass was on show for all to see.

I could hear the camera clicking and his breathing getting heavier. His cock was growing bigger by the second and I could almost see it pulsing. I went down between his spreading legs and gently took the tip of his cock in-between my lips, gradually slipping it in and out of my mouth. My girlfriend followed suit quietly positioning herself at the foot of the bed and started playing with his balls. Before very long she was licking each ball slowly, rolling her tongue around each one before sucking each of them into her mouth in turn.

At some point my boyfriend must have realised what was going on as he groaned and shot his load all over my hands. His spunk was dripping onto my girl friends face and she was licking up every drop that was running down his balls. Before very long, he started to grow and get hard again, so we started to both lick and suck at his cock, every now and then sucking his balls and squeezing them hard.

My girlfriend then nodded to her partner who stepped forward with his gleaming cock in hand and she started to lick and suck it until it was as hard as rock. She covered it in her come, making it glisten with wetness before placing it in front of my boyfriend’s ass. He placed his cock at the entrance getting ready to force his way into that deep dark place. We started back on my boyfriends cock and balls, making him groan and feeling him throb and then in one swift movement, the guy forced his huge cock straight into my boyfriends ass.

He screamed and shot his load at the same time, this time spraying both of us girls in our faces but the guy hadn’t finished. He carried on forcing his cock into that pristine, virgin ass and my girlfriend jumped up and thrust her pussy right in my boyfriends face so that she could cover his face with her come as both of them orgasmed together.

The camera had been set up perfectly, no faces just plenty of juicy action, mainly involving my boyfriends ass. It took him a few days to recover but he has since asked when we might be able to do a rerun and one day soon, I might just show him the video ?