Are you ready to heat things up? Look no further than the stunning Lucia Maria Babestationcams, waiting for you. But who is Lucia Mara? She’s a former dental nurse turned model, making waves on the Babestation scene.

Lucia has quickly become a fan favorite with her sultry looks and captivating performances. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s even teamed up with the Amazonian Charlie for a steamy photoshoot. But what can you expect from Lucia on We’ll give you a sneak peek into her shows and tell you why she’s one of the hottest models around. Don’t miss out on this fiery beauty!

Lucia Maria

Dental Nurse to Babestation Girls

Lucia Maria’s journey from being a dental nurse to becoming a Babestation model is a fascinating story. Hailing from Kent, Lucia was highly academic in school and wanted to have a traditional career while also dreaming of being a model.

After experiencing the monotony of her day job, Lucia felt the urge to explore her wilder side. She began modeling for various adult magazines and websites, which is where she caught the attention of Babestation scouts. Despite her initial reservations about entering the adult entertainment industry, Lucia was drawn to the freedom and creative expression it offered.

Lucia Maria, a former dental nurse, was terminated from her job after her boss discovered that she had posed for Page 3. Her manager showed her provocative photos on his desk and insisted that she abandon her side gig.

“He said it was unprofessional and said I can either carry on working there or I can leave to do this.”

“She said if I didn’t stop I would have to leave. I told him I was going to go and Babestation picked me up and since then I have been really happy doing what I do and I have made a really good career for myself.”

“I earn more money than the dentist now. But I was shocked it had been found and I was even more shocked that I was faced with that big decision.”

“I was glad I chose what I did because it was right before lockdown.”

“Babestation just found me and it was a bit like fate.”

Speaking to Daily Star about being sacked over page 3, Lucia said: “It is literally the best decision I have ever made. I wouldn’t be at this stage of life now otherwise”

“My life would look very different. I am now doing better than him and I drive past there all the time and I wave and am like ‘ha ha’.”

“They are all still the same people working there. The money and freedom I have now is amazing and everything turned out good for me.”

She recollected how difficult it was to abandon all the academic work she had done and leave behind a job that she was passionate about and which gave her immense satisfaction in helping people.

“I worked within the NHS and that is very rewarding. I definitely think it was unfair because I would have made a brilliant dental nurse and I wanted to be a dentist but I never got to do that.”

“It is a shame I couldn’t do both but ultimately I made the right call.”

Lucia Maria

Lucia Maria Babestation TV Daytime

For the past three years, she has been playfully taunting eager callers and does not feel remorseful about it. Lucia concluded: “I love performing and always love to talk to people. This job and my old one actually have a lot of similarities because you talk to people and have to be really friendly and it has translated well because I have always been a people person.

“I now have regular callers and some guys have not missed a call from me in three years, they ring every shift I am in. They are really big fans.”

Amazonian Charlie 6 foot 5 giant in photoshoot with much shorter Lucia Marie

Amazonian Charlie, a well-known presenter on Babestation, gained fame for posing beside Lucia Maria who is significantly shorter than her. Amazonian Charlie, also known as a body-positive model, stands tall at 6ft 5ins but reaches almost 7ft when wearing heels. The purpose of the photo was to showcase the striking height contrast between the two women.

Babestation Model, 6ft 5, Charlie, 27, told the Daily Star : “It was very amusing! It is difficult to actually find somewhere that will accommodate my height and find somewhere we can make everything work.

“It was a lot of fun because she is a lot smaller than me and it is a running joke within Babestation that I pick everyone up.

“They are amusing pictures and they definitely show off the difference in height because if we were sat down you might not necessarily be able to see it.

Lucia Maria

What to expect from Lucia Maria on Babestation

As a popular model on, Lucia Marie offers a variety of enticing experiences for her fans. From private one-on-one sessions to group shows with other models, Lucia did a sexy lesbian show with hot blonde April Mae.

Lucia’s vast collection of outfits and lingerie choices ensures that each session is unique and thrilling. Her natural tits and voluptuous curvy figure are a sure turn on.


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Lucia Maria is a stunning model who has made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry. From being a dental nurse to becoming a Babestation model, she has come a long way.

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Despite her innocent appearance, she has a penchant for roleplaying as either a college co-ed or a provocative secretary. Additionally, she possesses an alluring party trick that involves her tongue!!

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