These days, you’re never too far from a cooking show on TV. The internet as well is full of instructional videos from a million different people taking you through how to go about cooking certain recipes. At Babestation, we have Lucy Summers, who loves a bit of baking/cooking herself!

Jamie Oliver is a bit of a nation institution now, after having a good go at revolutionizing the food that schools are serving their students and trying to make the nation healthier. But long before he ever took the schools on, the cheeky Essex chef had a show called Naked Chef, where he stripped down cooking to the basics.

Now, we at Babestation aren’t saying that we’re the first to take the title Naked Chef a little more literally, but in this video with Lucy Summers, we do have a hot girl wearing not very much taking you through a sweet recipe for white chocolate Oreo balls!

See much more of Lucy Summers on the official Babestation TV website!

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Sure, it’s all well and good putting a sexy half-naked girl in a cooking video for the reason that it’s a half-naked girl, but can Lucy Summers cook? You bet she can, we’ve all tried these Oreo balls and they’re bloody good! I would recommend trying this recipe to anyone!

Of course, there are certain annoying rules and regulations when it comes to putting a certain type of content onto YouTube, so we aren’t able to show you a totally naked Lucy Summers in this video. But, on the Official Babestation website you can find her wearing a whole lot of nothing.

See Lucy Summers naked on the Babestation website!

Here’s some pics to tide you over…

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