We at Babestation TV (including the gorgeous Hollie Sparrow) love our gaming, as we’re sure many of you do too. It’s not unusual to find us, in our spare time of course, browsing round YouTube and other sites, watching game-play videos or gamer reviews. The problem we find with these, it’s that it’s usually some guy in his bedroom doing them, with the most annoying voice in the world, and they can be pretty difficult to watch!

Well no more.

In the Babestation Daytime studio, in a cute and sexy little package, we have our very own hardcore gamer in blonde bombshell Hollie Sparrow. We thought, why don’t we utilise this knowledge Hollie has, and ask her to do some game reviews of our own? There must be a viewership out there for game reviews from very attractive girls, right? See below for our first effort, as Hollie reviews The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

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Now, I’m more of a FIFA 16 on the PS4 kinda guy than a Zelda on a handheld guy, but I’m loving the idea for this video and we hope we can turn this into a bit of a regular series. Maybe we can even bring Hollie Sparrow over onto our turf at some point and actually see what her FIFA game is saying.

Keep an eye out for more gamer videos coming your way from Hollie Sparrow very soon on the Babestation TV Official Blog. Don’t forget the Babestation TV official website if you want to see hardcore pictures and videos of our girls!

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