Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

My best mate Danny had just invited me round to his for a takeaway so I picked up a few beers from my local Tesco and headed over. His aunt, Lynda Leigh was over for a visit and she answered the door looking like a smoking hot mature milf. All of Danny’s friends fancied his aunt Lynda, including myself. She used to be a model in her younger days and now she worked for a mature TV channel where she answered dirty phone calls from horny young guys. I called her up once when I was drunk and asked if she’d give me a blowjob whilst she forced her dirty knickers in my mouth. It had always been a fetish of mine to be gagged by a milf but I was too embarrassed to discuss it with a girl my own age so I decided to call up Lynda. I ended up cumming so hard and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about Lynda since that call.

Of course I never mentioned any of this to Danny. He would have been furious if he found out I had masturbated over his hot auntie. Lynda was being super flirty as she lead me through to the kitchen and I couldn’t take me eyes off of her tight toned ass as she walked in front of me, dressed in tight leggings and a T-shirt with no bra. Her nipples were hard and her big boobs filled out the T-shirt. I felt myself getting a semi and I swear Lynda must’ve seen it getting bigger in my trousers as she looked down and blushed as she bit her bottom lip. “Mark, will you help me take these bags out to my car’, Lynda said. ”no problem”, I replied, as I grabbed the bag and followed Lynda out to her car. She opened the back seat and I placed the bags in the footwell. I turn to go back indoors but Lynda Leigh stands in front of me, blocking my way. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but before I can even say ‘excuse me’, Lynda grabs my 20-year-old cock and asks me if I enjoyed our phone call. Omg she knows it was me!!!! She pushes me onto the back seat and climbs on top of me, closing the door behind us. She asks how long I’ve been into older woman and milfs and I tell her “ever since I first saw you”. Lynda seemed to like this answer and she pulls her T-shirt up, revealing her big tits. She pushes her tits in my face and gyrates on top of me, making my cock hard. She reaches into my trousers and pulls out my dick. I’m worried that Danny would come out and catch us but she assured me her windows her tinted. She proceeds to spit on my cock and squeeze her tits around my cock, giving me a tit wank. I can’t believe I’m titty fucking Lynda Leigh. I feel like I’m a young stud in a milf porn movie. Lynda wanks me off and I finish all over her tits. She licks up my cum and gets dressed before heading back into the house. I can’t believe I just got a tit wank from my best mate’s aunt Lynda!