Mia Yasmin is the Reading native with the huge tits, even huger ass and a skin tone of rich mahogany. After 4 BBL surgeries, 4 liposuction’s, 2 boob jobs, 1 nose job, teeth veneers and an untold number of Botox and fillers, she is no stranger to the doctor’s chair. But how will she fare in the hot seat, answering the burning questions we have ready for her as August’s Babe of the Month.

Babestation: Hi Mia, congratulations, you’re Babe of the Month for August, well done.
Mia Yasmin: Oh my God! This is so amazing! Thank you!

BS: Let’s get started…What’s your favourite animal and why?
MY: My favourite animal is a dog! Because everyone loves a dog. I’m obsessed with them. I want a house full of them!

BS: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on a night out?
MY: I had a threesome with my ex-boyfriend and a stripper. We went to a strip club and got really drunk and really naughty with her. I love strippers, they’re so naughty and she had the best ass. Almost as good as mine

BS: What is your favourite thing about being a Babestation Babe?
MY: Working with the best girls and the best producers. Getting to talk sex to my naughty callers. Getting to shoot naked content which i enjoy doing, I like being nude in front of the camera and working my curves

BS: Describe your perfect Sunday
MY: A Sunday full of sex! Spooning and Netlix and takeaways! Pizza in the afternoon, Indian in the evening and lots of sex….that’s for Winter. In the Summer you can go day drinking

BS: What nickname would you give to yourself?
MY: Hmmmm… Smiley. I’m quite smiley… THOTIANA! – Nah, i’m joking! I’ll stick with Smiley.

BS: If you weren’t a Babestation Babe, what would you be?
MY: I’d be a DJ. Because i get to look sexy in the club and play my favourite tunes and meet loads of sexy boys and bust down Thotiana! I’d love to learn how to get on the decks.

BS: Thanks for answering our questions Mia, any words for you fans before we finish?
MY: Thanks for all the years of continued support and lots more years to come, and let’s get on cam together.