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Babestation Daytime
Friday 28th August
5am-2pm: Annie Mae, Scarlett Louise, Alisha Jayne
12pm-8pm: Daisy Dillon, Vicky Narni
2pm-10pm: Macy Leigh, April Jones
Cam girls: Lacey Mae, Jamie Knight, Ellie Louise, Amber Paige, Sadie Karis

Saturday 29th August
5am-2pm: Tanya, Tara T, Mia Middleton
12pm-8pm: Dallas Morgan, April Mae
2pm-10pm: Beth, Rochelle
Cam girls: Athena Rose, Layla Rose, Ella Mai, Anna Lei

Sunday 30th August
5am-2pm: Gracie Gomez, Beth, Mia Middleton
12pm-8pm: Dallas Morgan
2pm-10pm: Alexandra, Annie Mae
Cam girls: Lacey Mae, Layla Rose, Sadie Karis, Izzy Belle

Monday 31st August
5am-2pm: Tegan, Danni Levy, Chloe Love
12pm-8pm: Daisy Dillon, Lucia Maria
2pm-10pm: Macy Leigh, Millie Michaels
Cam girls: Melia Fox, Izzy Belle, Zara Lei, Jamie Knight, Ella Mai

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Babestation Nightshow
Friday 28th August
Caty Cole, Mia Yasmin, Priya
Cam girls: Kartel, Atlanta, Imogen James, Hayley Maye, Lucia Maria, Anna Lei, Alexandria Rose, Ashley, Jess West

Saturday 29th August
Caty Cole, Sarah Louise
Cam Girls: Atlanta, Priya, Valentina, Imogen James, Poppy May, Alicia Sweets, Jess West

Sunday 30th August
Valentina, Poppy May
Cam Girls: Anna B, April Mae, Amber Paige

Monday 31st August
Alice, Lynda, Hayley Maye
Cam Girls: Anna B, April Mae, Layla Rose

Babestation Cams
Main Show: Atlanta’s Big Return Carnival Fun and Games (10pm)
Secondary Show: Mia Yasmin – Oil Twerk Show (10pm)
GG Show: Liberty and Sabrina – Girl on Girl Sex Party (8pm)

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Supporting Shows: Lydia Florence, Candy Sexton, Hayley Maye, Caty Cole, Amanda, Nikita, Lyla Dolly, Cici Anders

Main Show: Alice Mr P Show (10pm)
Secondary Show: Amanda Carnival Shower Fuck Show (8pm)
New Talent Show: Poppy May – Toy Carnival (8pm)
GG Show: Imogen and Jess West – Girl Girl (10pm)

Supporting Shows: Valentina, Alicia Sweets, Lucie Jones, Ashlyn, Danielle Louise, Maria Dolly

Main Show: Anna Mr P Show (10pm)
Secondary Show: Amber Paige Wet ’n’ Wild (10pm)
New Talent Show: Lydia Florence – Buzzathon Show (10pm)
GG Show: Brooklyn B and Danielle Lousie – Girl Girl (10pm)

Supporting Shows: Valentina, Alicia Sweets, Missy Leanne, April Mae, Reegan, Layla, India, Caramel shy

Carnival Weekend

Main Show: Amanda’s top 5 ways to get fucked (8pm)
Secondary Show: Nikita – Carnival fun with Toys (8pm)
New Talent Show: Coco – Oil and creamy festival (10pm)
GG Show: Layla Rose and Izzy Belle Girl Girl (6pm)

Supporting Shows: Valentina, Alicia Sweets, India, Amanda, April Mae, Lydia Florence, Chloe Love, Arabella Starr

Carnival Weekend

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