And the answer to round two is of course Yvette Merriman!  Some of you will remember her, and some of you won’t.  Those of you that do will have some VERY fond memories of her shaking that perfect little ass of hers all over your TV screens!

 Babestation pics

I dug out a few old pictures of her to refresh your memory.  Hope you like them.  Sadly Yvette Merriman’s website isn’t accepting new members, but you can bang one out to these pictures if you like(be my guest!)

Free Babestation pics
Yvette Merriman

We’ll be doing a round III tomorrow guys, so I hope you’re ready!  Did you get this one right then Anglo?  I’ll make it easy for you tomorrow!

Yvette Merriman

Enjoy yourselves guys, and don’t forget to check out the website for Babestation girls past and present.