Of course she had to be babe of the week, simply because she’s so gorgeous…

But seriously, we’re making Dani the Babe of the Week because of her dedication to her work.  We know she left us, but at the moment we’re celebrating 10 years of Babestation, and you can hardly talk about a Babestation anniversary without including Dani!

Did you know that Dani has her own website, webcam  site – British Babes Live – and she’s also the agony aunt in the UK online magazine Hot UK Babes?  This is one busy lady.  Where does she find the time?  I suppose she finds a little more time now she’s left Babestation!

You simply can’t keep a good girl down (in more ways than one!), and Dani O’Neal is one such sort who will always be licking pussy and bouncing that ass around on the TV and/or internet as long as she’s got breath in her voluptuous body.

Dani O’Neal, we salute you and your lovely boobs!  Keep it up (well you’re certainly keeping mine up!)

If you want more pictures of Dani, we’ve got some on our Extreme website.  Check them out.

More to come real soon guys as we approach out tenth anniversary.  And don’t forget to come back to the blog each day to play Name those Boobs!