Babestation Daytime's Sarah Matty looking very sexy in new pictures

It’s been ages since we’ve had any new pics from Sarah, which is a damn shame because she’s one of the hottest girls on Babestation Daytime! Well, today the wait for new content from Sarah is over, as we have these very sexy pics of her in stockings and suspenders! Phwoooar!

Also, what is it about a girl wearing these sort of glasses that makes it all the more sexy? The picture below of Sarah looking at the camera over the top of her glasses is so hot! There’s a lot more where that came from as well, but to see them all you’ll have to go to the Babestation VIP Members area! Unfortunately, we can’t give away all of our pictures for free!

Check out this free picture, then get over to Babestation to see the full set:

Free picture of Sarah Matty from Babestation Daytime!


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