We all know you lot love to reminisce about the ‘good old days’ – after all, you can’t beat a bit of babeshow nostalgia. Well you’re going to feel like you’ve just jumped in a time machine and travelled back 10 years once I tell you who’s back! Take a trip down memory lane as we announce the return of some of the biggest legends from Babestation’s history. I’m talking about all the major players from back in the day, including Tara Lee, Dani O’Neal, Dionne Mendez, the A-Bomb and one of the more recent icons, Kerrie Lee. Here’s a brief rundown of who’s who for all you millennial’s.

Tara Lee
This babe was one of the best presenters back in the day and was often seen on screen laughing and joking with the producers as well as the other babes. Her bubbly and approachable personality coupled with her peroxide-blonde hair and big natural boobs made her hugely popular with the viewers, as well as her ability to chat unspeakable filth! Tara Lee was so skilled on the phones she even trained the other babes, including myself! Nice to have you back, Tara!

Tera Lee

Amanda Rendall
This petite Scottish siren had one of the filthiest mouths back in the day, and not much has changed! She’s one of the best adult performers in the business and her epic girl/girl and solo scenes speak for themselves. She loves playing the dominant role and it comes very naturally to her. Amanda’s return over this past weekend proves that she is still as smutty as ever!

Amanda Randall

Dionne Mendez
This babe takes the term ‘hot milf’ to a whole new level – she even makes Stifler’s Mom look dowdy! Manchester-born Dionne Mendez is a typical Gemini – loves having a laugh with her fans but can switch into into a devilish dominatrix – all in the blink of an eye! If you want a wild ride with the hottest body in the business – Dionne Mendez is the one!

Dionne Mendez

Dani O’Neal
Known as ‘the First Lady of Babestation,’ Dani is the ultimate babe channel icon. At the height of her career, Dani’s face was plastered on billboards, magazines and even a few mainstream TV shows. The BS girls were royalty back in the good old days and if anyone is deserving of a tiara – it’s Dani O’Neal!

Legend Danni O'Neal

Kerrie Lee
Ok, so Kerrie Lee isn’t an ‘old-school’ legend but she’s definitely an icon and deserves to be included in this list. This bombshell has the fittest body you’ll ever see, with 34G fake boobs and a peachy ass that she loves to smother in baby oil for her viewers. For those who want a sexual liberated woman who isn’t afraid to get messy, Kerrie is your gal!

Kerrie Lee

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