It’s always sad to see a babe leave the industry – whether they leave to start a family, go travelling or just feel like it’s their time to go. I first entered into the glamour world over ten years ago and I’ve said my fair share of ‘goodbyes’ and ‘good lucks’ along the way. Many of my closest Babestation friends have hung up their thongs for pastures new. We all end up leaving eventually. You can’t fight the inevitable! Despite that, this pill is going to be a hard one to swallow for die-hard babeshow fans – The day has finally come when we must wave adieu to the legendary Dannii Harwood, as she hangs up her latex for good! It’s the end of an era!

Legendary Dannii Harwood

Before the babe shows, Dannii had a regular section in top lads mag, Maxim where she would have a few paragraphs written about her along with a raunchy set of pics. After going as far as she could with the mid-shelf mags, Dannii started to veer to towards the babe channels.

Sexy Dannii Harwood

However, Dannii wasn’t just another lads mag favourite that did a bit of TV work – Miss Harwood actually earmarks an era where well-known mid-shelf girls were only just beginning to take notice of the babe shows and what a lucrative career prospect they were. By appearing on the shows, Dannii paved the way for other top models to follow suit. No longer were the babe channels a seedy late-night secret – it was suddenly popular to be a ‘babe’, and the influx of new models drove the calibre of the shows threw the roof. Cheers Dannii!

Dannii Harwood

Dannii’s first TV stint was on the now obsolete Bang Babes, which is also where she met her bestie, her ride-or-die – Lucy Zara. This pair would soon become an inseparable and unstoppable force, going on to climb the ranks of the babe show ladder, including Red Light Central. Their two-girl domination shows were legendary and the spark between Lucy Zara and Dannii Harwood was undeniable.

Lucy Zara & Dannii Harwood

But just like Simon and Garfunkel – best friends sometimes have to go their separate ways, and it was time for Dannii to spread her wings by going to work at the ultimate babe channel – Babestation.


We’d like to thank Dannii for all the hard wood over the years. I’ll see myself out. In all seriousness though, good luck babe, you’re going to be missed!


Dry your eyes folks, there are still plenty of hot babes on Babestation and Babestation Cam for you to play with!

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