Unless you read the national newspapers there is a good chance that you’ve missed the commotion that has been going on of late involving two are our long standing babes, Preeti and Priya Young.

The girls were recently splashed all over the tabloids after appearing in an episode of My Mums Hotter Than Me. The episode was a huge success and people were fascinated by the glamorous lives of these gorgeous twins and their equally stunning mum.

The episode shows the twins and their mum as they go about their day to day lives; getting their nails done, partying and generally living the high life.


Due to the girls being identical twins and also being on Babestation it didn’t take long for the papers to chime in and they had an absolute field day when they ran the story. Notorious fact avoiders like The Sun and The Mirror made claims that the girls’ mother is jealous of them and insinuated some sort of rivalry between mother and daughters, which is definitely not the case. Having known the girls for many years it’s apparent that their mother adores her daughters and just wants to see them succeed. When it comes to the tabloids it really is important to take everything with a pinch of salt.

This interview for the short film Hello Stranger highlights the girls strength and empowerment. This is definitely more of the Preeti and Priya that I know and love.

With all the recent press, anyone would be forgiven for getting a tad big-headed, but not the girls. They seem relatively unfazed by all the attention they’ve received and remain down to earth and as focused as ever. These girls will continue to build their empire and look damn hot doing it.

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