She may have only started in August last year but blonde bombshell Polly Dales is already making a name for herself on Babestation!

It might come as a shock to many of you but Polly is in fact a complete newbie to the industry, having never appeared on any other show or publication before. Her fun and flirty personality trick you into believing she’s a dab hand at this phone biz when in fact she’s been only been doing it for six months!

We were lucky to snag Polly when we did as many other shows had their eye on her but it was the Babestation family Polly wanted to be a part of. She couldn’t wait to get stuck in and it wasn’t long before Polly was spouting utter filth on the phones and bloody loving it. Her pretty ‘girl next door’ look teamed with her raunchy attitude has
unsurprisingly earned her many fans over the short time she’s been on the show, and Polly can’t get enough! She is often posting raunchy videos for her fans on Twitter showing off her sexy round ass in a tiny thong.

I caught up with Polly to find out how she’s been getting on and here’s what she had to say:

What is your previous experience of working in the industry?
I’m a complete newbie to it all but am looking forward to doing my up coming shoots

Have you ever performed on stage?
I love to perform stripteases. Who doesn’t love a good strip 😉

Favourite sexual position?
Doggy of course. I love being bent over!

Whats been your most memorable moment whilst working/performing?
There are so many to choose from, but mainly I just love being able to interact with all of you and get to know you all.

Do you enjoy sex outdoors?
Well it’s definitely more naughty outside isn’t it?! 😉

What’s on your bucket sex list?
Definitely the mile high club for sure!!!! I’ve been dying to try that for ages. Any takers??? Also sex on a beach would be pretty fun!

Do you like to roleplay?
I love to roleplay, but I’m not going to tell you my favourite scenario, you’ve got to come and find out for yourselves 😉

Do you have any tattoos?
I have two, a heart on my finger and one in between my boobs, but there is definately plans for more.

Do you have any piercings?
Just the two, I have my tongue and nipple done. I like piercings that give pleasure!

What top 3 Features do you look for in a man?
As long as they are as naughty as I am then that’s good enough for me.

What are your best features?
Tits, ass and smile ???? Ha 😉

She certainly is one cheeky minx! Why not find out for yourselves by logging on to her Perve Cam next time she’s live or booking a filthy webcam show with her on Babestation Cams. This girl next door will make your wildest  dreams a reality!


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