Takeaway food lovers in Russia can now get a bit of show when their food is dropped off as a pizza company has decided to hire a bunch of strippers instead of the usual spotty-faced students.

Strippers who lost their jobs in Yakutsk, Russia, thanks to the pesky virus decided to team up with a local pizza parlour so they could still shake their booty on the job. The strippers deliver the pizzas whilst wearing underwear, but not to forget safety, they also don masks and gloves.

Even the town mayor is in approval as he said it’s great for the economy. Hmm. Here’s what the restaurants owner, Alexander Skripin had to say about his saucy new service:

We decided to hire them as couriers. There is a lack of good delivery people on the market. Besides, we should support each other in times of crisis. Dancers are representatives of small business.

The strippers and go-go dancers are all accompanied by security guards just in case any customers decide to get a bit creepy. Also all of the drop offs are contactless which means both payment and dances operate on a strictly no touchy touchy basis:

The transfer takes place in a non-contact manner in accordance with all sanitary standards.

The Russian strip joint isn’t the only company to use strippers as delivery workers – The Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland recently set up ‘Boober Eats’ that saw it’s girls doing lap dances as they dropped off food. “Fancy a fur-burger with your order sir?”

In all honesty it’s great to see people clubbing together and being creative during these times. Plus who doesn’t want to see a cracking set of tits when you’re about to tuck into some junk food!

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