Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story about Sam Bentley has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

After a tough day at work I decided to head to a bar for a quick drink and unwind after a stressful day. I told my wife I was working late because if she knew I was drinking alone in a bar she would’ve jumped to conclusions and acted like I was only there to pick up women. Thankfully the bar wasn’t busy so I grabbed an old fashioned and went to sit in the corner so I could be alone with my thoughts. After finishing my drink and getting ready to leave I see a beautiful woman walking in to the bar. She has brunette hair, unbelievable curves and an ass that looks good enough to eat. I look her up and down and for a moment I feel all my stresses melt away. It’s amazing what effect seeing a hot woman can do. She starts walking straight towards me. She looks me in the eye and I look behind me thinking she must be looking at someone else, but there’s no one else behind me. “Hey sexy”, she says to me. I have no idea who she is but she thinks she knows me so I decide to go along with it. “So sorry I’m late”, she says. Thankfully her name is written on her phone case – Sam Bentley.

She starts talking about her ‘other Tinder dates’ and it all starts to make sense. Sam Bentley must have arranged to meet her Tinder date at this bar and either he’s late or didn’t show up but she clearly thinks I’m him. After chatting and flirting and me covertly slipping my wedding ring in my pocket, Sam Bentley asks if I want to head back to her place to get to know each other more intimately. As we pull up to her apartment and walk in through her front door, Samantha Bentley pushes me up against the wall and gently kisses me, biting my bottom lip in a seductive way. My wife is now the furthest thing from my mind as I make out passionately with another woman. Sam Bentley leads me to her bedroom where she pushes me on the bed and performs a slow and sensual striptease, removing her bra and panties to reveal her incredible tits and shaved pussy. I grab her ass and pull her in and bury my face in her pussy. Her wetness covers my chin and I tongue fuck her and suck her clit. We get into the 69 position and I eagerly eat her out whilst she sucks my cock. My wife hardly ever gives me a blowjob anymore so feeling Samantha Bentley deepthroat my throbbing cock is like a dream cum true. After some intense oral, Samantha climbs on top and rides my cock, hard and fast. Her pussy is so tight! She bounces on my dick until we cum together. As I fill her up with my hot cum, her pussy tightens even more around my cock. After an incredible time, my phone goes off in my pocket. It’s my wife wanting to know where I am. I make my excuses and tell Sam Bentley I’ll call her. I spend the entire journey home setting up a tinder account!