Saturday is another hardcore porn night on Babestation X, featuring some great threesome action – Freeview Channel 174 or the Babestation X website folks… You know what to do by now…

It’s Sensi again, the dirty rascal.  He gets his hands on Lucy Love, and Lucia Love for some more threesome banging hardcore throughout the night.  What better way could you think of spending your Saturday than watching Sensi banging the honeyz on Babestation X?  If you go out you’re only going to spend a fortune, but even if you do, there’s still time to come home and catch the show, it’s on all night!

UK porn slut
Lucia Love – Babestation X Porn

The lucky girls can’t wait to get their hands on that trouser snake of Sensi’s.  Lucia Love told us:

I’ve had it before, and I want it again.  Sensi is one of the “biggest” and best dicks in the business, and even though I’m still just starting out really, I can’t think of a better one…

Well, those are some very nice words from the naughty Lucia Love.  We’re pretty sure that Lucy Love feels just the same too, although we have yet to get her comments.  We do know however that Sensi has had a piece of her before.  But then again, who hasn’t this UK porn stud had a piece of?

Babestation X – Saturday 27th April