Friday night is shaping up to be yet another great show on Babestation X.  Live on free view Channel 174 or the Babestation X website.  Here’s how it is folks…

It’s that filthy girl Chantelle Fox guys!  You know who we’re talking about without even looking at the pictures we’re sure.  The name has become synonymous with UK hardcore porn, and she’s virtually her own brand.  Made popular by Sexstationtv of course, and countless other porn publications and movies.  And this is who she’s live with – the one and only Jaiden West!  Yes, you’ve probably already guessed just how dirty this show is likely to get.  With two girls as stepped in the UK porn industry as this you can’t fail to get a good show!

Chantelle Fox

Jaiden West is a UK porn veteran and very popular all round.  She to has countless porn features under her belt, and luckily for us it doesn’t look as though she’s likely to stop any time soon.  She’s on of the next generation of porn sluts, you can just tell by looking at her; and not to mention her popularity!  Personally, although I love the girl – girl stuff, I think Jaiden West looks much better with a nice big cock in her!

Babestation X porn
Jaiden West

So keep it on Babestation X for the live shows this weekend