That’s right, she’s back again!  Dionne is ready to empty your balls all night long on Babestation’s hottest show…

Babestation X love having Dionne on the show, not only because she’s so popular, but because she’s such a lovely lass!  Finding stars of the adult industry like this isn’t always easy, but we know Dionne from old, and she’s always been one of our favourite Babestation All-Stars!

That’s why she’s back on Babestation X on Saturday 6th July!  You can watch the live show on the Babestation X website (or our website) for £1.50, or if you like the comfort of your armchair and your widescreen TV you could watch it on Freeview Channel 174 for £3.00 (it’s a little bit extra, but it’s certainly worth it!)  Remember that if you’re a Babestation X member you get the show for free online and you only have to pay if you want it on the TV.

live show
Babestation Extreme Saturday 6th July

Dionne has always looked the business, but hen you see her in shots like this, with those massive tits out, looking all filthy, you simply have to unzip and get Mr. Johnson out to play five knuckle shuffle don’t you?  I know I do.  I wouldn’t know what to play with first if I had the opportunity of having a go on Dionne!  🙂

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