Bizarre historical sex facts you never knew existed – From the ancient Greeks, Romans and Victorians to modern times, sex has always been at the forefront of people’s minds. From the hidden romps of Egyptian pharaohs to medieval women sleeping with gladiators for pleasure, sex facts are as varied and intriguing as the people who’ve partaken in them. In this blog and in the Bizarre Historical Sex Facts Part 2, we’ll look at some of the most interesting sex and bizarre sex facts from different eras.

Catherine the Great employed “foot ticklers” to turn her on


Empress Catherine the Great of Russia was known to employ ‘foot ticklers’ to help her to become aroused. So if you thought your feet worship fantasies were a relatively new kink, think again. These ‘foot ticklers’ were women and eunuchs, who were reportedly very well-paid for their services.

These ‘foot ticklers’ would play a vital role in giving the Empress sexual satisfaction. They would provide her with sexual pleasure, therefore helping her reach orgasm. Anna Leopoldovna, the former regent of Russia, is another historical figure who employed ‘foot ticklers’. These were also used to turn her on before sexual intercourse. A study of ancient Greek texts also revealed that women employed sex workers, mostly eunuchs, to help them reach orgasm. This is only one example of sexual foreplay being employed by powerful women in history. The foot ticklers would also be tasked with telling erotic stories to help get the Empresses in the mood to have sex with their husbands or lovers.

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The first cock rings were made from goat eyelashes.


Before the invention of sex toys, people commonly used rings made from natural materials such as leather, rubber and even goat eyelashes to enhance their sexual experience. The rings were a part of ancient sexual traditions in China, where they served as an essential part of foreplay. They were made from the eyelids of goats, a material that provided intense stimulation and helped build arousal.

The rings were also common in Japan and ancient Greece. These cultures believed that it was essential to make use of different sexual techniques to achieve orgasm. As a result, people used rings made of various materials to heighten their sexual pleasure. In modern times, people still enjoy using cock rings because they provide enhanced sexual pleasure and can help with erection issues. Cleopatra is said to have filled a papyrus box with bees for use as a vibrator, but who really knows if that’s true or not.

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The first dildos were made of stone.


Ancient stone dildos have been discovered in Germany’s Hohle Fels cave, believed to be around 28,000 years old. They are made of a hard, porous material, similar to rock or shale, and are shaped like penises. The ancient people who crafted those dildos likely used them for sexual purposes. After the discovery of soft-bodied materials, dildos started to take on a more varied appearance. The word “dildo” wasn’t used until the Restoration era (1660-1700) according to a bawdy British poem titled “The Lady’s Dildo.”

Petting parties in the 1920s

In the 1920s, “petting parties” were all the rage among young women. These parties allowed young women to experiment with physical intimacy, such as kissing, cuddling and touching, but did not include full sex. This concept of “free love” was first introduced by the Oneida Community, a 19th century sex commune in Upstate New York that allowed members to engage in consensual sexual activity with other members. John Noyes, who founded the community, coined the term “free love” and argued that it should be practiced without shame or guilt.

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Victorian doctors used to masturbate their patients

Hysteria was a common problem during the Victorian era, and doctors used to treat it with finger massage and vibrator-induced orgasms. This treatment was called ‘pelvic finger massage.’ It was believed that this would cure hysteria by stimulating the clitoris and making women more sexually aroused. However, there have been many reports suggesting that this practice is not only ineffective but also hazardous for women’s health. Vibrator-induced orgasms were thought to identify the symptoms of hysteria. In some cases, they were used as a form of self-treatment by women. The use of sex toys in sex therapy isn’t new either. Ancient Greek culture used vegetables as aphrodisiacs, while Roman and Greek civilisations consumed them too.

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