Disclaimer: This Sophie Dee Fan Fiction story has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

My wife was attending a creative writing class as a way to meet new people and one afternoon she came bounding into the kitchen shouting that she’d finally made a friend. We’re a young hot couple and had recently moved to Eastbourne which is notorious for old folk, so it was huge to meet another young hot person on our wavelength. My wife Claire told me that her new friend Sophie Dee would be popping over later that evening for drinks and nibbles so I quickly gave the house a spruce up so we wouldn’t give off a bad first impression. At 7pmt the doorbell rings and in walks one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen – curvy, brunette, big tits, and an ass that was squeezed into a pair of figure hugging jeans.

Sophie Dee was very friendly and her deep blue eyes glistened as she spoke. As she bent down to take her shoes off, I caught a glimpse of her big boobs & impressive cleavage. She also had very pretty feet and perfectly manicured toes. I cracked open a bottle of wine and we all chatted like we had known each other for years. Sophie Dee was very open and honest, but when it came to discussing her career, she didn’t seem to want to give away too much information. Sophie revealed that she was a nude & topless model but I had a feeling there was more to it that that. I did wonder if she was an escort and was perhaps too embarrassed to admit it but I didn’t want to press her if she didn’t want to discuss it. After a few more drinks we all started to loosen up so I figured I’d ask her again about her job, this time she laid it all out – she was a pornstar who starred in hardcore Pornhub’s movies that featured lesbian sex, anal, gang bang fucking and POV blowjob scenes. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I thought my wife might get upset knowing there’s a sexy pornstar in the house but instead she started flirting with Sophie, asking her what it was like to eat pussy and be with a woman. Sophie was very descriptive with the details my wife was hanging on every word. “It’s probably easier if I just show you”, says Sophie, as she leads my wife to the front room and lays her on the couch.

Sophie Dee Babestation TV

My wife bites her lip in anticipation as Sophie gently pulls off my wife’s jeans. Sophie spreads my wife’s legs and pulls her knickers to the side. I’m standing in the doorway watching all this unfold with a huge hard cock and I can’t quite believe what’s going on. Sophie then proceeds to eat my wife’s wet shaved pussy, fingering her and sucking her clit. My wife looks down as Sophie and back at me as if to say ‘cum here’ with her eyes. I walk over and my wife grips my cock and starts giving me a blowjob whilst Sophie eats her pussy. The sensation was so incredible I doubled after a few minutes. I then laid back and watched as the girls did a 69 and ate each other out until Sophie squirted all over my wife’s face. My wife was covered and she finished herself off my rubbing her pussy over Sophie’s tongue. I’m so glad we moved to Eastbourne!